In 1967 we created our small 1,500 m factory. squares in Barbadás, Ourense, which over the years increased to reach 7,000 m. squares.

For the first phase of the creation of this company we had to bring specialized personnel from Portugal, both sculptors, painters and potters, we brought the sculptors and painters from the well-known Vista Alegre company, the potters from Barcelos, a Portuguese area with a great tradition. ceramist.

In 1975 we had brought some magnificent sculptors from the Madrid School of Ceramics, later, in 1980, we hired in Madrid the great sculptor who had the factory founded by Carlos I and later recovered in 1960 called Buen Retiro.

As of this year, we began to hire highly qualified personnel in design, all of them with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

In 1982 we also incorporated into the company 2 chemists from the company Porcelanas Santa Clara from Vigo. And in 1983 we established ourselves in Barcelos, Portugal, where we set up an 8,000 m factory. squares with 135 workers.

In these years it is worth highlighting our presence at the Valencia Gift Fair, the only one that existed in Spain at that time, dedicating to us the cover of its first published magazine dedicated to the Gift sector, in it you could see commented “From Galicia porcelain

In 1986 we hired a great ceramist Antón Sauthier, who was the son of the owner of Porcelanas Sauthier, Bilbao, founder in 1940 of the first figurative porcelain factory in Spain, which later closed in 1970. We liked the figurative theme so much that This company had created, that we decided to acquire all the tooling, and after improving it in a remarkable way by our design team, we put it on the market with great success. It was a porcelain with a classic theme and with a lot of added labor, for this reason, which was an expensive manufacture, this porcelain is always made in our Portuguese factory, and despite this we had to stop manufacturing it in 1990 due to this same reason.

In 1991 we set up a new glass factory whose name is Aqua Cristal, and at that time we incorporated into the company two extraordinary Murano glassmakers so that within the wide catalog we had, we could create 120 pieces of Murano Glass.

In 1992 we created a delegation of the company in Tours (France).

In 1993 we created a delegation in the USA, in Dallas.

In 1997 and after the invasion of the Asian product in our market and its consequent scourge of our sales in the international market, we decided to turn our design trend around and we decided to pay tribute to our Galician culture and traditions with a series of figures that are characterized by their rounded shapes and expressiveness.

Starting this year and up to the present day, we have focused and searched for a gap within that Galician line, which is the one with the most demand today in the field of Galician decorative porcelain.

Fábrica GALOS, vista exterior


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